5 Difference Between Mice And Rats

If you see a small mice in a pet store, inside the cage, you can surely find it cute. You may also adopt it as a pet. But if you see a big mouse running all over your house and creating damage this is not cute. But it is very annoying and this may cause many damages to your furniture as well as to your clothing. 

Rodent Control Services

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 major differences between mice and rats. So, you need to hire the best rodent control in your household. Because both types of pests would really be responsible for the damages to your belongings. These both pests could be also responsible for the damages to your health. You need to perform rodent control as soon as you find any sign about their presence. This rodent eradication guide helps in providing safe and effective results.

  • Size: Usually the common Mice which are found are about 10 to 20 centimetres long. Meanwhile a big mouse could double this size. Mice usually have short and hairy tails, meanwhile a wild rat usually has a long naked tail.
  • Sound:  You can surely distinguish between These two species by listening to their method of communication. Mice usually squeeze when they try to communicate meanwhile rats communicate in a way which is an audible to humans
  • Diet: Mice usually eat the leftover vegetables, they may also be fond of cheese if they get it. Meanwhile rats are fond of eating carbs such as meat, fish and other open food.
  • Nature: Usually mice are fond of experiencing new things which makes it easy to catch them in traps. Meanwhile rats do not go with the flow, they do not like to experience unfamiliar things which makes them difficult to be caught in rat traps.
  • Lifespan: Rat can live 1-2 years meanwhile mice can only Live till a year or half. but this doesn’t mean that they will die and the problem will be solved, they reproduce very quickly and in a short period of time their population may increase very rapidly. With their debt calmer the problem does not get resolved if you do not perform rodent control in the early stage then you may get into trouble after sometime once they’re population is fully increased. Make sure that you perform regular pest inspection in order to determine any sign of their presence in your household


In this article, we have mentioned about 5 major differences between Mice and rats. By Going through them carefully, you can surely identify the difference between both pests in real life. You need to perform rodent control as soon as you see any possible sign of their presence. You can even hire professional organic pest control services to perform rodent control for you if the things are part of your hand. They can serve you with the most effective results in a short period of time due to their experience in this field. They are known for their highly qualified methods and they have experience of handling difficult situations under different circumstances.